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Hey there gang, I just finished up a new set of posters for Pokemon Gold and Silver. Hope you guys like em, you can find ‘em here on my website:

You can also follow the link there at the top and own one or both of them for yourselves!

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Holy poots

victacobell asks: I see a quite a few turtel pics have really minor pyramiding, is minor pyramiding sometimes unavoidable? Sorry for using you as a turtle FAQ all the tim.

I don’t mind turtle questions at all! I don’t know tortoises as well as I do turtles, but if you do see wild tortoises, in most cases, you’ll see pretty smooth, round shells. Pyramiding is common in captivity just because a single tortoise table that a human stocks with food, water, etc. cannot provide all the things a tortoise could get for themselves in the wild. 

Basically, as far as I understand it, pyramiding is not unavoidable! Growth rings are gonna happen, but as long as a tort has the proper diet, lighting, moisture, etc. they don’t need to grow up with a lumpy shell. It is, however, unfortunately pretty common, simply because there’s a lot of ignorance and lack of information out there when it comes to turtle care. 


Edgar Morton the Hatchling Tort is model material. Afternoon soak! He got in his water all by himself :)



a few pictures of Galena i snapped tonight. the last one has a little gnat in the corner.


Luna: Quark has a virus called radical-6.
Tenmyouji: ...
Luna: It's a horrible disease that makes him more and more radical. Look, he's already doing skateboard tricks in his sleep! Now he's dropping out of school!


purple skeleton going the extra mile.

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Last weekend I saw some big orinoco crocodiles. I fell in love with their CUTE LIL FATFATS, and then I drew them. Ok.


guess who’s EIGHT


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Happy Easter from Someone Ate This!!